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     Benjamin Onelove specializes in offering

DEEP TISSUE massage for the treatment and

prevention of chronic pain. He utilizes Trigger point therapy, stretching, and customized exercises to achieve normal range of motion and freedom from pain for his clients. He has over 13 years of experience as a licensed & Board Certified professional massage therapist. 





      Have you recently been injured in a car accident or on the job? Do you think that your insurance covers Massage Therapy? My practice accepts insurance for Massage therapy client's. In order to best serve you I can verify your insurance benefits before you arrive. Please click on the link below and complete the online form. I will contact you as soon as the benefits are established. Thank you. 























Postpartum Doula & Birth Doula

       Autumn Onelove is a trained Postpartum Doula and Dona trained Birth Doula. She provides support before, during and after your birth. Click button below to learn more! 

Birth Doula Package - $850

*Includes 2 prenatal appointments, support during labor and up to 2 hrs after baby arrives, 1 postpartum visit.

Postpartum Doula - $30 / hr

*Packages available! Must book 4 hrs daytime shift and 8 hr overnight shift. May include, emotional support, non-medical newborn and mother care, light housework, sibling support, pet care. 






     Infra Red light is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum of light that has the ability to penetrate the human tissue. Infra Red heat, heats the body directly rather than simply the air.


     The health benefits of Infra Red therapy may assist with, 

Detoxification - Muscle Recovery - Lower Blood Pressure - Weight Loss - Pain Relief - Relaxation - Increased Circulation - Anti-Aging - Cell health - Wound Healing.

Sound Healing

    Feeling stressed? Unbalanced? Stuck? Energy & Sound Healing may be for you! The session lasts 30 minutes, where you will comfortably lie on a massage table, and relax into the healing sound of 7 quartz crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 hz, designed to enhance relaxation and balance of the Whole body. Clients will be fully clothed and the session may also include essential oils, guided relaxation and breath work to help enhance the session. Clients report a feeling of increased relaxation, stress reduction and clarity.