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Sound healing

Autumn is now offering sound healing sessions at one love healing arts. But what is sound healing exactly? Is it something to me earlier make me calm? Is it something to soothe my ears with pleasurable sounds? Or is it something more, something in fact truly, measurably, scientifically "sound" healing and re-organizing to my body and cellular tissues?

For the inquisitive, the skeptic, the explorer, and the just plain curious, I invite you to watch this 2 minute video on the science of cymatics. To better understand and to actually see for yourselves, the form of sound, and what it does in us.


During one of our sound quartz crystal singing bowl sessions or classes you can expect to Bathe your senses in a sound bath. This sonic healing is meant to cleanse, energize balance and restore each of your 7 chakras optimally. The singing bowls, made of crushed quartz crystal, are tuned to perfect pitch in the 7 note scale on a 432 Hz frequency tuning. This tuning is known in the science of cymatics, to effectively produce geometric shapes in a liquid medium when the sound waves move through such medium. Thus re-organizing dis-organized water molecules into healthier organized patterns as the natural pure tones of these bowls sing your body's liquid medium's back into alignment

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