Way of life 

Welcome to the  way of life section of our website.  Here we offer a variety of services to support you in living a healthy well balanced life in body, mind, and spirit. We welcome you into our personal daily practice of exercise, yoga, meditation & prayer to be filled with health and inner peace. 

About our membership plans

We offer 3 levels of membership designed to meet your unique needs. All of our memberships come with a monthly personal fitness assessment, and a customized weekly exercise training plan designed around your schedule to keep you on track to meet your goals safely and efficiently.

In our training we utilize a variety of tools to keep you engaged during our session's and the time in between. Such as... 

  1. An exercise video library- *Bronze membership

  2. Weekly live classes in person, and online. - *Silver membership

  3. Monthly 1 to 1 training session's - *Gold Membership

  4. A smartphone app from which you can: - *All memberships

  • view daily exercise plans suited specifically to your goals and fitness level.

  • track your workout's, nutrition, body measurements, progress photos, heart rate, steps, and sleep cycle.

  • Easily message you'r trainer any time with comments or questions

Bronze membership


The Bronze membership is a great starting point for establishing a regular workout routine appropriate to your current fitness level. 


You will have access to:

  • A monthly personal fitness assessment to track your current level of fitness, range of motion, pain or discomfort, limitations, as well as your fitness goals. This is crucial to developing a safe and effective personal fitness plan from the get go, but equally important to ensure safety and efficiency as your body and mind adapt to the training over time.

  • The MyPThub training APP through which you will be assigned regular workout's tailored to YOU, and displayed through professional video which can be followed along with to complete your entire workout. And updated monthly with a new weekly schedule as needed. And other features listed above.   

  • Our exercise and health video library which contains a collection of videos organized into different categories that address various aspects of human health, such as general exercise, rehabilitative exercise, evidence based nutritional recommendations to support healthy living, restorative and vinyasa Yoga, meditation, & prayer. 

*Price - $60 per month, cancel anytime.

Silver membership


The Silver membership level contains everything the bronze level has PLUS

gives you access to live interactive classes taught throughout the week led by either Benjamin or Autumn. 


*Price - $90 per month, cancel anytime.

Gold membership


The Gold membership level includes everything that the silver and bronze levels include, plus one 60 minute private lesson with either Benjamin or Autumn, (your choice) every month in person within 15 miles of trainers location or online for clients outside that radius. 

*Price - $120 per month, cancel anytime.